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Next generation drymix

95% of CO2 & transport

Thanks to a local production, only the chemical compound is transported over long distances.

75% of raw material extraction

Thanks to specific formulas designed to adapt to recycled materials.

+80% of recycled materials

Due to the use of mainly Construction & Demolition Waste, tyre rubber powder, etc.

Challenge for the future

The construction market is facing 3 major environmental issues.

  • • Less than 50% of C&D waste recycled in European Union
  • • World running out of sand
  • • High CO2 emissions due to cement

A new business model

Inventustry provides connected integrated platforms AlKubo and chemical compounds to its partners to produce building materials on site and on demand, optimizing their value chain and operating with sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

Let’s work together on your next industrial project

Inventustry offers modular and customizable solutions to best fit your needs and wishes. Circular economy solutions & disruptive technologic innovation made reachable by our expert team.